Maggie: Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance!
Emily Weir

May 2017 — Maggie Dunbar calls herself a “creative learner,” and dance has taken her on a artistic journey both within and beyond the world of movement. 
Already steeped in ballet when she was drawn to NMH’s robust dance program, Maggie now prefers modern and contemporary dance. She has performed with the dance companies each year, and traveled with the group to two regional festivals. Those, she says, brought the NMH dancers even closer together.
Maggie branched out by choreographing her first piece sophomore year. “I was very inexperienced, but I really enjoyed it, and have choreographed three pieces since then,” she says. One was based loosely on electron orbitals, which she’d learned about in an Honors Chemistry course.
Beyond dance, Maggie has an affinity for English, French, and art. Especially art. An interest in photography led her to work for one of NMH’s student publications, The Hermonite, which evolved into designing layouts for The Hermonite and the yearbook. Then Maggie took AP Design, and something clicked. “I realized that all the things I’d been doing had snowballed; now I plan to major in graphic design in college,” she says. 
Maggie credits NMH with developing her political awareness and for giving her a chance to be a leader even though she’s “pretty introverted.” Being a resident leader in her dorm “means I have to take charge and come out of my shell,” she says. “Being there for the other students has become an awesome ritual, and it helped me be more of a leader in dance, too.” — By Emily Weir