Just the Essentials: Water and Rocks

Dec. 11, 2018 — Dave Gloman paints what he sees, eliminating distracting details and distilling each view to its essence of color and geometric patterns. The next exhibition in the Gallery at the Rhodes Art Center showcases his New England landscapes in “Water and Rocks,” which will be on display Dec. 14–Jan 13, with an opening reception Friday, Dec. 13, at 6:30 pm.

The Northampton-based artist paints outdoors, working from a converted 12-foot box truck that allows him to paint in any weather, and to create on a large scale. Gloman says he is strongly influenced by other American landscape painters and by the art of French artists Corot, Poussin, and especially Cezanne. 

Like Cezanne, Gloman shows an interest in simplified patterns and rich colors. His acrylic paintings capture the brilliant green of pastures in high summer, the blue-grey-purple cascades of a mountain range, and the muted taupes of the deep forest. He paints chilly scenes of winter such as ice on the Quabbin Reservoir, as well as lush scenes where the water beckons to swimmers.

“My work, through all of its incarnations and explorations, has always been about light and a form of linear geometry,” he says. “My paintings represent a synthesis of present and past experiences. They are images of where I am in the world at a specific moment, both literally and metaphorically. They are not paintings of ideas, but rather paintings of direct experience.”

Gloman holds an MFA from Yale University School of Art and his works have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the Pioneer Valley as well as in Boston, New York, and Guatemala City. He has also done public mural projects in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

Since 2008, Gloman has been a resident artist at Amherst College. He has also taught at the University of New Hampshire, UMass–Boston, Boston University, Hampshire College, and Smith College.

Image: Dunbar Brook Falls, 2018