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“There are many places you can get a good education,” admits senior Jada Scotland. “But at NMH, you’re not confined to doing one type of thing or being one type of person. That’s important to me, as someone with a lot of interests.”

And she means a lot of interests. The Orange, New Jersey, resident is a science enthusiast, three-season athlete, and occasional actor. She founded and leads the Caribbean Student Association, and leads Circle of Sisters, an affinity group for students of color. She has mentored younger kids in a program similar to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, sang in Concert Choir, serves on the Student Diversity Committee, is a Resident Leader and student ambassador. 

Jada’s academic interests are similarly varied, but sciences are her go-to subjects. “There are many opportunities to focus on your favorite areas,” she says. “Taking double science courses — Multivariable Calculus, Computer Science, AP Physics, and Forensic Science this year — has put me ahead and given me a jump start on college, where I will continue in science,” she says. The atmosphere in her favorite class, AP Biology, “was really relaxed, but we really learned a lot. I like an environment where you’re making jokes with the teacher while doing hard work at the same time.”

“The day is pretty busy — it’s a lot of go, go, go — so sports practices are my time to decompress,” Jada says. She’s tried rowing and volleyball, but stuck with basketball and especially excelled at track. Jada was recruited by colleges for her athletic abilities, and she’ll throw discus, shot, and javelin next year for Bowdoin College.

Athletics was Jada’s initial way of getting involved in the community, and made many of her first NMH friends on sports teams. With other activities came other friends. “When you walk into a room at NMH, I love that there’s always someone you know, but also someone you don’t know yet,” she says. “And the friendships I’ve made here continue off campus. I’ve gotten advice on the transition to college from students who graduated last year.”