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Even in a Pandemic, NMH Students Are Thriving
Nov. 20, 2020 — It’s the last day of the fall trimester and students and teachers are looking forward to Thanksgiving and a few days off from classes. It’s a good moment to pause and reflect. While navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, NMH students — 570 on campus and nearly 100 in NMH’s remote-option Lab Program — have thrived both in and out of the classroom. They’ve done science experiments, read books, written essays, made art, performed music and dance, competed in athletics, shared meals, and had fun with friends. Using online platforms and new classroom technology, they’ve stayed connected with each other and adults at school, and shared their work and creativity with the NMH community. Head of School Brian Hargrove summed it up this way: “While I know these days have been different from ‘normal’ life at Northfield Mount Hermon, they also have been full of joy and triumph.”
Watch this video showing the many ways NMH students thrived this fall.