Before Classes, a Contradance, a Campfire, and Convocation

Sept. 4, 2019 —And just like that, the campus is buzzing again. 

Classes have begun and students are settling into their routines. They’re learning their way around campus. They’re reconnecting with old friends and familiar teachers and meeting new ones. They’re already forming opinions about the “best” food in the dining hall. Stir-fry? Or the house-made potato chips?

By now, they’ve taken care of all the “business” of starting school. Registration. Getting their I.D. Making last-minute changes to their class schedule. Buying books and school supplies. Figuring out when to show up where. 

Enthusiastic Resident Leaders and Global Ambassadors helped students move into their dorms. There were smiles, hugs, and handshakes, and more than a few sweaty palms. Cars were unpacked. Clothes were hung in the closet. Excited and nervous students said goodbye, for now, to their families. 

Orientation weekend brought lots of awkward but rewarding bonding activities, and a campfire, a contradance, and a singalong. And questions: What teachers do you have? What sports are you going out for? What clubs will you join?

The first days also meant NMH traditions and ceremonies. New students signed “the book” at Matriculation, pledging their commitment to the school community. They got a lesson in campus life at the raucous “NMH On Stage” presentation. Convocation opened the first official day of school, with students and faculty filling Memorial Chapel, all dressed up, to hear inspirational speeches by their peers and new Head of School Brian Hargrove. 

When it was time to head down the hill, some students quickly stole back to their dorms to change out of their “special occasion” outfits and into T-shirts and shorts. Then, off to class.

Check out NMH Flickr for photos and videos of the opening days of school.

Students sing around a campfire.