A Day in the Life —at Fall Family Days
Emily Weir

Oct. 10, 2017 — NMH parents returned to campus for Fall Family Days last weekend, eager for the chance to hug their kids, shadow them in the classroom, and meet teachers and coaches.

They watched as students built solar ovens, designed abstract self-portraits, and worked out geometry problems on the whiteboard. They listened as students discussed the capitalistic side of mindfulness, and rebellion as a theme in “Romeo and Juliet.” They winced — just a little —as physics teacher Tabatha Collins brandished a bowling ball over the head of a student in a lesson on potential and kinetic energy. In beginning Chinese, they “didn’t have a clue what was going on!” one dad said. In Alumni Hall, where dining services staff served a whopping 2,200 lunches, they soaked up the NMH community vibe as they feasted on New England clam chowder, pesto tortellini, and brownies.

Later, there were performances by student singers, dancers, actors, and musicians to watch; and soccer, volleyball, field hockey games to cheer for. There was information to soak up about international study trips and college applications. There were visits into the dorms to unload snack stockpiles and items forgotten at home. (That was the official reason; unofficially, it was to see if their kids were making their beds.)

“It’s good that the parents get to see what their kids are up to, and where they live, and their lifestyle,” said one student. — By Jennifer Sutton

See photos of Family Days here.