“What's so special about this place? We value exceptionalism without valuing elitism.”

– Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh

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A Day in the Life

 Oct. 10 — NMH parents returned to campus for Fall Family Days last weekend, eager for the chance to hug their kids, shadow them in the classroom, and meet teachers and coaches.They watched as students built solar ovens, designed abstract self-portraits, and worked out geometry problems on the whiteboard. They listened as students discussed the capitalistic side of mindfulness, and rebellion as a...More

Onstage, without a script. Or a plot.

Sept. 23, 2016 —Scene: the bare stage of a theaterCharacters: A dentist and her patient. Two off-duty teachers. A pair of popular mean girls.Plot: Totally up to the charactersNo, it’s not an NMH performing-arts production gone awry. It’s just students getting a taste of improvisational theater — improv — with The Purple Crayon of Yale University, a student-run improv group that’s been performing...More

Cum Laude Congratulations

 Sept. 12, 2017 — One of the many ways Northfield Mount Hermon honors academic achievement is by selecting students for the Cum Laude honor society.Cum Laude is the independent school’s version of the National Honor Society, and the secondary school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Each spring, seniors with outstanding academic records for their junior and senior years are elected to membership in...More

The school year begins!

 Sept. 4, 2017 — New student checklist: Make it to Registration. Get I.D. photo taken. Pick up schedule. Pick up laundry bag. Move into the dorm. Pick a bed. Top bunk or bottom? Sign “The Book” at Matriculation. Sing “Jerusalem.” Meet advisor. Say goodbye to parents. A little sad. Nervous. Excited.Meet other kids. Lots of other kids. Awkward bonding activities. Dorm meeting. Canoeing on Shadow...More

Former Teacher/Administrator Bill Compton ’44 Passes Away at 89

UPDATE Aug. 31, 2017: A memorial service will be held in NMH's Memorial Chapel on Sept. 23 at 11 am, followed by a reception at Bolger House. Memorial donations may be made to the William R. Compton Scholarship Fund at Northfield Mount Hermon or to Anatolia College. Aug. 23, 2017 — The Northfield Mount Hermon community mourns the passing of William R. (“Bill”) Compton ’44, who died Aug. 22 at age...More