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Winter 2020 Athletic Awards

Winter keynote address speaker, Katie Gatza '20

2020 Winter Athletics Banquet Awards

Student-athletes were honored at the winter Athletics Banquet on February 28, 2020. Keynote address speaker, Katie Gatza '20 focused on the "why" from the 5 W's of analysis. She said, "it's so important to ask why, to take control of your own lives and at least know what we want and why we want it."  View photos from the banquet and read the keynote speech here.

Congratulations to all winter athletes and coaches!

NMH Girls' Varsity Basketball Award – Gina Atwood ‘21

Jervis W. Burdick, Jr. Boys' Basketball Award – Darius Ervin ‘20

Sarah P. Hoffman Girls' Varsity Ice Hockey Award – Sage Valente ‘20

Howard L. Jones Boys' Ice Hockey Award – Connor Hasley ‘20

Grace Robertson Girls' Swimming Award – Katelyn Fecteau ‘21

NMH Boys' Varsity Swimming Award – Daniyar Aliev ‘22

NMH Girls' Varsity Nordic Ski Award – Hollin Keyser-Parker ‘22

Sayde & David Housen Boys' Nordic Ski Award – Adam Carlisle ‘20

NMH Girls' Varsity Alpine Ski Award – Ashley LaCross ‘21

NMH Boys' Varsity Alpine Ski Award – Isaac Foster ‘20

L. Todd Duncan Wrestling Award – Owen Finn ‘20

NMH Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball Award – Michaela Lawyer ‘20

NMH Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball Award – John Adams ‘23

Michael Corrigan Girls' Junior Varsity Hockey Award – Hannah Khurtorsky ‘20

NMH Boys' Junior Varsity Hockey Award – Henry Wells ‘20

NMH Junior Varsity Swimming Award – Victoria Malcolm ‘22

NMH Junior Varsity Wrestling Award – Naomi Lam ‘21

NMH Girls' Thirds Basketball Award – Marina Keator ‘20

NMH Boys' Thirds Basketball Award – Toby Hughes ‘22