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Boys' Basketball Alums on TV

The NCAA men's basketball season started Tuesday, Nov. 6.

This year, NMH boys' basketball alums will appear on TV and streaming 296 times during the NCAA regular season.

NMH boys' basketball alums are currently playing at Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania (three NMH alums), University of North Carolina, Bowdoin College, Bucknell University, Fairfield University, Elon University, Northeastern University, Trinity College, Colgate University, Dartmouth College, Tufts University, UNC-Wilmington, Northwestern University (two), Brown University (three), Northwestern University, Davidson College Princeton University, and the University of Notre Dame.

NMH boys' basketball alums will match up 51 times this NCAA Division 1 season.

See the attached for the master list when NMH boys' basketball alums are in action and where/when you can see the games. The list is broken up by a Master, NMH Matchups on TV, NMH Matchups, and by individuals colleges/ universities.

NMH Boys' Basketball on TV/Streaming

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