NMH Athletics Awards

Winter keynote address speaker, Silke Milliman '19

2019 Winter Athletics Banquet Awards

Student-athletes were honored at the winter Athletics Banquet on March 1st, 2019. Keynote address speaker, Silke Milliman '19 told her fellow student-athletes "courage takes many forms. For me, the first step was deciding to look outside my own small space...once I got over my fear and try something, it was way better than I could have imagined". Read more of her keynote address here and view photos from the banquet.

Congratulations to all winter athletes and coaches!

NMH Girls Varsity Basketball Award – Bella Ceseretti ‘19

Jervis W. Burdick, Jr. Boys Basketball Award – Max Lorca-Lloyd ‘19           

Sarah P. Hoffman Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Award – Bente Bechtold ‘20

Howard L. Jones Boys Ice Hockey Award – Michael Kennedy ‘19

Grace Robertson Girls Swimming Award – Salli Lubbe ‘21

NMH Boys Varsity Swimming Award – Jack Brazer ‘20

NMH Girls Varsity Nordic Ski Award – Hollin Keyser-Parker ‘22

Sayde & David Housen Boys Nordic Ski Award – Jackson MacDonald ‘21                       

NMH Girls Varsity Alpine Ski Award – Mairead Collins ‘19 

NMH Boys Varsity Alpine Ski Award – Eli DiBari ‘19

L. Todd Duncan Wrestling Award – Aiden Hanning ‘21

NMH Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Award – Jada Scotland ‘19     

NMH Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Award – Otto Luessenhop ‘22

Michael Corrigan Girls Junior Varsity Hockey Award – Klara Spindle ‘19

NMH Boys Junior Varsity Hockey Award – Charlie Kenyon ‘20

NMH Coed Junior Varsity Swimming Award – Danny Chen ‘19

NMH Junior Varsity Wrestling Award – Johnasson Yu ‘22

NMH Girls Thirds Basketball Award – Gregmair de los Santos Meija ‘19

NMH Boys Thirds Basketball Award – Ronald Wang ‘20