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Inside Athletics

Excellence is achieved through purposeful preparation, extraordinary effort and a positive mental attitude.

This is what NMH is all about. The pursuit of excellence in everything we do. Every student here — throughout 67 interscholastic teams, 19 varsity sports, and an extensive outdoor program — is encouraged to think of athletics as an opportunity to gain the habits for a lifetime of excellence in whatever they pursue. It is about a commitment to a team and a search for continual improvement.

Our students are more than just skilled athletes. They become great leaders in the classroom, the dorm, the arts, and beyond.

NMH offers one of the broadest high school athletics programs in the country, and our College-Model Academic Program (CMAP) gives students the time to participate in sports without sacrificing their studies or pursuing other passions. They learn all kinds of valuable lessons about sportsmanship and leadership that they can apply to other areas of life at NMH.

A few need-to-know specifics:

  • Our mascot is "the Hogger."
  • Facilities include two turf fields, 12 outdoor tennis courts, an eight-lane all-weather track, ice rink, six-lane indoor pool, boathouse on the Connecticut River, two full gymnasiums, and nine fields for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and softball.
  • In addition to interscholastic teams, students may also participate in sports through our physical education program and take part in our extensive outdoor program.
  • Dance classes also help you meet our physical education and athletics requirements.
Are you interested in playing on one of NMH's interscholastic teams? Check out our prospective student-athlete questionnaire.

Fast Facts

NMH athletes hold 104 New England team championships.

Fast Facts

We have 67 sports teams.

Fast Facts

Our boys’ varsity basketball team has been ranked in the top five U.S. schools for the past seven years.

Fast Facts

The Bemis-Forslund Pie Race is the longest consecutively run footrace in the United States. The first race was run in 1891.

Fast Facts

NMH girls' cross-country holds nine New England championships. The boys’ cross-country team holds 26, more than any other NEPSAC school.