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The Global Engagement Office (GEO) manages NMH’s global travel programs, provides support and services to international students, and sponsors globally themed programs.

International Student Support and Services

International students, representing 57 countries, make up 23 percent of the student body.

We provide immigration advising and support, conduct an extensive orientation for new international students, and communicate regularly with our international students and families.

With the assistance of a select group of international student leaders, known as Global Ambassadors (GAs), the GEO supports international students from their first moments at NMH to the day they graduate. The GAs assist international students in the dorm, refer them to appropriate campus resources, plan activities and events, and encourage their international peers to become involved and engaged members of the NMH community.

The GEO also supports globally minded clubs and international student affinity groups, such as the African Student Association, Chinese-speaking Student Association, Japanese Student Association, Korean Student Association, Russian-speaking Student Association, SALSA (Spanish and Latino(a) Student Association), Thai Student Association, Third Culture Kid Affinity Group, and the Vietnamese Student Association. These groups meet regularly and plan events and activities on and off campus. Learn more about NMH Affinity Groups on the Clubs and Organizations page.

International Programming

The GEO sponsors a range of campus-wide programs to promote global engagement, including:

  • The Wantman State of the World Speaker Series
  • International Dessert Night (fall)
  • International Carnival (spring). See photos here.
  • Lunar New Year Celebration 
  • International Sunday Brunch Event (Spring)

We also host international student visitors from our partner schools in Uruguay (Instituto Crandon), New Zealand (Scots College), China (Jishui First Middle School), and France (Notre Dame School of Strasbourg).

Global Travel Opportunities

Our goal is to challenge all students to engage deeply in different countries and cultures through a range of programs.


Read more about our current study-abroad programs.

Interdisciplinary Academic Programs

For sophomores:

During one semester of each year, we offer a sophomore interdisciplinary study travel program which rotates experiences in China, Brazil, India, Spain/Morocco, and South Africa. Students participating in this program simultaneously enroll in three courses for the semester: Humanities II World History, Humanities II World Religion, and depending on the destination, either World Literature or Biology. Students start and end the semester at NMH. Two weeks of travel occur in the middle of the semester

For juniors, seniors, and PGs: We offer an upper class level interdisciplinary study travel program to New Zealand that combines English, history, and science, with each full-credit course focusing on concepts and themes related to New Zealand and Maori culture. Students start and end the semester at NMH. Three weeks of travel occur in the middle of the semester. An upper class program will be offered every spring, new destinations will be announced annually.

Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

Students who enroll in these programs travel to Uruguay, China, or France for two to three weeks, depending on the program.

Service-Learning Programs

These opportunities vary by year and run from one to three weeks. In past years, students have worked as summer tutors at the Joybells Orphanage and School in India, and have collaborated with student and adult musicians in the National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize. New opportunities are advertised annually.

Special Programs

These programs provide opportunities, both in the U.S. and internationally, for interscholastic conference attendance, intensive study in specific disciplines, and semester-long exchange.

Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences: Students enrolled in the co-curricular MUN course are eligible. NMH sends delegates to two or three conferences each year.

Intensive Studies: These programs vary by year and occur during school vacations. Program examples include a dance and drumming trip to Ghana; and a healthcare, development, and service program in Belize.

Scots College Exchange Program: This for-credit exchange program is an opportunity for a single sophomore or junior male to spend the spring semester at Scots College, an independent boys' school in Wellington, New Zealand

Global Engagement Office Staff

Dr. Angela Yang-Handy, dean of global, experiential, and community engagement

Jennifer Keator, coordinator, Global Ambassador Program

Jensi Rovang, administrator, Study Abroad and Experiential Programs

Tami Brunelle, coordinator, International Student Program

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