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International Payments

Northfield Mount Hermon accepts international payments through Flywire. This portal allows you to execute, track, and confirm your payment online; choose payment options from your home country; access a 24/7 multilingual support team; and save on bank fees and ensure the best exchange rates with Flywire’s best price guarantee

 To make tuition and fee payments: 

  • For international tuition and fees payment options, please log into your FACTS account. Note that you will still pay via Flywire, but you must access it via FACTS so the payment will be credited to your student’s account. Please do not go directly to Flywire as you have done in the past.

  • For international NMH Card payment options, please log into Flywire directly. (Note: This is for NMH Card payments only. For tuition and fee payments above you must access Flywire via FACTS so the payment will be credited to your student’s account.) See instructions.

How to Make an International Payment to NMH

  1. Once you are logged into Flywire, select the country you are paying from and your preferred payment method.

  2. Enter your payment details and confirm your payment booking.

  3. Receive instructions on how to complete the payment process.

  4. Track your payment online with your Flywire dashboard and access to Flywire’s multilingual customer support team.

Flywire 24/7 Customer Support:

International phone numbers and frequently asked questions