Faculty & Staff

Greetings from the Dean of Faculty

Welcome to Northfield Mount Hermon School! As dean of faculty, I'm pleased to represent our extraordinary teachers, who are deeply knowledgeable about their fields and about teaching. They are a committed, caring group of professionals who happily devote an extraordinary amount of time and energy, in the classroom and beyond, to fostering their students' success and happiness at NMH.

Our faculty play many roles: Your science teacher might be your dorm parent, rowing coach, head of a student affinity group, or advisor. Our students get to know their teachers well—and vice versa. With small classes, a close-knit campus, and teachers wearing all those hats, you'll find faculty mentors all around you.

At NMH, we educate the head, heart, and hand. Our students learn to think independently, give back to the world, and work hard in all aspects of their life. Our priorities include:

  • providing a rigorous educational program;
  • challenging students with interdisciplinary work;
  • engaging students in ways that give them an international perspective, lead them to embrace diversity, and develop their crosscultural competence; and
  • inspiring a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Unlike most schools you might explore, NMH uses a block schedule, in which students take classes that meet for extended blocks (80–90 minutes daily) of time. Students normally take six courses per year, three in each semester. Offerings include a mix of full-credit and half-credit academic courses as well as cocurricular offerings in athletics, outdoor education, arts, outreach, and leadership opportunities.

I'm proud of our outstanding program and faculty; I believe we distinguish ourselves by inspiring and teaching our students and each other to put head, heart, and hands to work in service of a better world.

Hugh Silbaugh
Dean of Faculty