Faculty Profiles

Mary Hefner


The subjects that I teach—biology and botany—line up with my own personal interests. I love to walk in the woods and identify plants. I’m always asking questions like, What kinds of trees live here?...Read More

Hugh Silbaugh


When I describe myself and what I do, I say, “I’m a teacher and a dean.” Being a teacher always comes first. Teaching is reliably the best part of the day. I have a hard time sitting when I teach: I...Read More

Gretel Schatz


We get kids who’ve never set foot in a dance studio before, especially in cocurricular classes like Beginning Ballet or Dance for Athletes. In these classes, I do a lot of dancing with the students;...Read More

Grant Gonzalez


One great thing about Northfield Mount Hermon is how engaged the community is. Whether it’s students returning from Brazil, a new club starting, or a guest speaker, there’s a real desire to share...Read More

Becca Malloy


Northfield Mount Hermon is a very engaged, collaborative place. So when a colleague and I suggested a school-wide approach to environmental efforts, the reaction was immediate and enthusiastic. And...Read More