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Student Leadership

At NMH, students have lots of opportunities to develop and serve as leaders.


We believe that our community is stronger, smarter, and more creative when students play important roles in shaping it. So we encourage you to share your special qualities through a leadership role that will inspire, challenge, and transform both you and the community. 

With 25 student leadership opportunities and more than 200 positions, it’s easy to find a good fit for your interests. As an Ecoleader, you’ll help the NMH community embrace sustainable living through thoughtful and creative campus initiatives. Global Ambassadors support our commitment to a globalized education and organize our annual International Carnival. Peer Educators help to promote health and wellness through fun and informative activities. Engagement Leaders welcome prospective students to campus, while Resident Leaders help current students navigate campus life. 

Whatever your interest, we’ll provide you the support to grow and the tools to make a difference.