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Dorm Life

Your home base and social hub — for day students and boarders alike — is your dorm. 

And our dorms really do feel like home (comfy couches, TV lounges, kitchens, outdoor spaces). They’re where you study, relax, and find your advisor hanging out after dinner.

Your dorm is more than where you’ll sleep — it’s where you’ll dream up great ideas, join in spontaneous fun, and build extraordinary friendships. You’ll be surrounded by new friends from across the country and around the world. 

As a 9th-grader at our boarding school, you’ll live in a dorm designated just for first-year students. After that, you’ll move into a mixed-grade dorm, where you’ll likely stay for the rest of your time here. 

The people you meet in your dorm often turn out to be lifelong friends. If you’re a day student, you’ll be affiliated with a dorm so you can experience the camaraderie of parties and study groups, and even occasionally sleep over on a weekend night. 

You’ll get lots of support there, too: Your advisor will be affiliated with your dorm, which means they spend a lot of time — in some cases, even living there — so they’re readily available. Student Resident Leaders also will be on hand to be a helpful resource and reinforce positive dorm culture. 

Our dorms offer a wide variety of living spaces. If you like lots of people around all the time, we have a house that accommodates 150 students. If you prefer living on a smaller scale, there’s a house for just 14. They have great amenities, too. One has giant bedrooms; another, a garden lounge. Some have terraces or a TV room, a snack bar or a full kitchen. They all have public computers, a printer, and internet access.

And to keep things feeling as much like home as possible, each dorm has at least one faculty member and their family living in it as your “dorm parents.” They’re there whenever you have a question to ask, a success to celebrate, or a problem to solve.