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Residential Life

At NMH, dorm life is a big part of your experience, where you’ll learn and grow alongside fellow students from around the world.


At NMH, we focus on building community in our dorms, which range from small to large. Some of that develops informally, through the many interactions you’ll have with your dorm mates and the advisors and teachers who live in each dorm and are always available when you need them. But this community building also takes place through special dorm-based programming on important topics like wellness, mental health, identity, and inclusivity.

Alumni Hall, our campus dining center, is another important site for building community, as you gather with your friends, classmates, and teachers for good food and good conversation. You might even spend some time working there as a workjob assignment, contributing to the operation of this important hub of campus life.

Going to boarding school is a great way to develop independence and test yourself, within a supportive community that always has your back. 

At NMH, we also watch over your wellbeing, through our 24/7 O’Connor Health and Wellness Center, staffed by dedicated nurses, doctors, and counselors; special programming focused on student wellness; and our Peer Educators, student leaders who support wellness efforts in the community.

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