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Connection 360

NMH students know they are never alone. That’s because each student is surrounded by a network of compassionate adult mentors: advisors, teachers, coaches, and residential staff who guide student experiences and help them reach sky-high aspirations. 


A personal support system

We call it Connection 360, and it’s a unique program among boarding schools that connects residential-life and advising systems to support each student’s personal growth and pursuit of excellence.


  • ADVISOR: Each student has an advisor, and each advisor has direct responsibility for 5-7 students. Students and their advisors are based in the same dorm, making it easy to gather as a group and assist with dorm dynamics. 
  • DORM FACULTY: NMH teachers have residential responsibilities and serve as advisors, offering support to students in the evening and on weekends. 
  • ACADEMIC FACULTY: NMH faculty members teach an average of 30 students each semester and get to know each one well. In turn, students have greater access to teacher feedback and support. 
  • COACHES: NMH coaches support and motivate each student to develop into the best athlete possible. Many coaches also teach at NMH, so they learn each student’s skills and goals, as students and as athletes.
  • WORKJOB SUPERVISOR: Supervisors assess each student’s attendance, enthusiasm, and productivity during “workjob,” helping to build a community that respects and provides for one another. 
  • COCURRICULAR FACULTY: Cocurricular faculty supports students as they put their learning into action and bring to life our mission to “act with humanity and purpose.” 
  • COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Talented and collaborative college counselors guide NMH students, and their families, ensuring each student makes the most of their time here and plans toward exciting outcomes after graduation.


Connection 360 provides each student with a trusted support system for all aspects of NMH life, helping them learn life skills, become reliable community members, and take ownership of the learning process.