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Awards and Prizes

Northfield Mount Hermon Awards and Cum Laude Society Induction

Class of 2023 Recognition Assembly
Memorial Chapel, May 19, 2023

Francesca Babala-Money
The Marie Hood Award

David Barrett
The Richard H. Valentine Award

Sierra Bentley
The Newman Family Award

Linh Bui
The Edward and William Rhodes Prize in Economics

Aaron Burstein
The Appley Award
The Ralph E. Jillson Award

Yiqing Cao
The Baxter Prize in Classics

Iris Chai
The Marshall E. Climan Award

Diego Chavarria
The McBurney Work Hour Prize

Alex Clayton
The Douglas A. Jones Award

Alexa Counter
The Elizabeth Leyden ’22 Music Award

Sofia David
The Head of School Award
The Lynde Award for Excellence in Advanced Physics

Djibril Diaw
The Head of School Award

James Doliscar
The Nettie M. Johnson Memorial Award

Elizabeth Dripps
The NMH Dance Prize

Jasper Graham
The Piscuskas Day Student Prize

Hazel Handy
The Vivian Dandridge White Prize

John Hanscom
The Howard and Margaret Jones Farm Award

Grace Harvey
The Mary Ellen Peller Memorial Award
The Thora E. Johnson Award

Kevin Hu
The John O. Mehrkens Award

Emma Hughes
The Robert P. Weis Mathematics Prize

Lydia Hong
The NMH Resident Leader Award

Macy Jonsson
The Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award

Junghoon Kim
The Elizabeth Leyden ’22 Music Award

Kei Kiribuchi
The Kinmay Tang Award

Bon A Koo
The Prize In 3-Dimensional Art

Sashana Kracauer
The Bannwart Choir Prize
The C. Russell Bragg Memorial Prize in Environmental Studies

Efe Nihat Kutman
The Elizabeth Leyden ’22 Music Award
The NMH Resident Leader Award

Tair Kussainov
The Viva Faye Richardson Piano Award

Eunbean Lee
The Harriet Cutler Heiser Memorial Award

Guanru Li
The Head of School Award

Alexander McCullough
The David Garbose Memorial Award

Lana Messinger
The Gordon Paul Smith Prize for Excellence in History or Social Sciences

Alejandra Metz
The Head of School Award

Katherine Munro
The Mary Davis Dining Service Prize
The Michael Antonio Memorial Award

Jong Ho Park
The Robert Cade Wilson Scholar Award

Racquel Provost
Vitold Piscuskas Sportsmanship Award

Hazel Peach Reeder
The Alice B. and John E. Baldwin Award

Meena Relyea-Strawn
The Florence Chapman Haslun Prize


Ava Romano
The Albert C. Clough Award

Pearl Schatz-Allison
The Thompson Art Prize

Hyowon Shin
The C. Russell Bragg Prize in Social Science

David Solano
The Frank and Alice Chutter Memorial Award

Michael Stanley
The NMH Alumni Association Award

Omasirichi Tasie-Amadi
The Cambridge Prize
The Art Purchase Prize
The Etta May Schweiss Prize

William Villa
The Frank Stanley Beveridge Award

Yiwen Wang
The Bannwart Choir Prize
The David Michael Walker Prize in Music

Ziqi Weng
The Arthur D. Platt Mathematics Award

Ella Wheeler
The Richard H. Valentine Award

Won Ji Sophia Woo
The Phyllis Tournier Spanish Prize

Yuhuan Xie
The Henry R. Huntting Literary Prize

Lanxin Zhang
The Joseph T. Elliott Jr. Prize in Music

Xiaoxue Zhao
The Laubach Family Award
The Shaffer-Mehrkens Religious Studies Award

Northfield Mount Hermon Cum Laude Society Recognition 

Areté - Excellence, Diké - Justice, Timé - Honor

The Cum Laude Society is the independent school national honor society and the secondary-school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Each year, seniors with outstanding NMH academic records for their junior and senior years are elected to membership in the society.

Aviva Barry

Linh Bui

Lulu Calame

Sarah Cao

Iris Chai

Claire Cocklin

Amy Dai

Sofia David

Carolyn Edwards

Rohan Edwards

Sophie Goldberg

Jasper Graham

Lydia Hong

Erika Jing

Alice Kim

Harene Kim

Bon A. Koo

Sashana Kracauer

Eunbean Lee

Guanru Li

Bella Moore

Minh Nguyen

Lucy Patterson

Lucy Pesek

Jianglu Ping

Hazel Peach Reeder

Meena Relyea-Strawn

Shalyna Said

Hyowon Shin

Omasirichi Tasie-Amadi

Polly Wang

Ziqi Weng

Sophia Woo

Dzhessika Yan

Xiaoxue Zhao

Annie Zuo

Although the Cum Laude Society is not allowed to select one-year seniors and postgraduates for a membership, the society wishes to honor 

Ellie Dripps

Collin Stevens

Ada Tholen and 

James Trongdee 

who have excelled academically this year.