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Clubs and Organizations

Join a club to try your hand at something new — or to pursue your favorite activity or interest.


Love singing a capella? Concerned about human rights? Thrill to debate? Want to promote gender equality? There’s a club for that at NMH. Our annual Student Involvement Fair offers almost as many intriguing choices as our curriculum guide.

Student clubs and organizations at NMH give you the opportunity to pursue your passions and seek out new ones, to explore different aspects of yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Never spoken into a microphone? You'll get all the training you need to work at the NMH radio station. Interested in theater? We’ll help you find the perfect role, onstage or behind the scenes. And while you’re having fun, you’re also finding new strengths and connecting with other students.

NMH teachers are enthusiastic, supportive collaborators. And if you’re eager to start your own group, you'll be sure to find other students ready to join you.

Student Clubs, Affinity Groups, and Organizations