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Five Tips to Get the Great Teacher Recommendation You Deserve


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Teaching Writing in a Remote Classroom

“Teaching Writing in a Remote Classroom: Meeting the Emotional Needs of Students,” by NMH faculty member John Corrigan, originally appeared on NAIS’s Independent Ideas blog on August 24, 2020.

How, Then, Shall I Live?

NMH’s youngest students ponder age-old questions and search for meaning in a messy, complicated world

Object Lessons

A stuffed animal. A necklace. A Bible. A pair of Crocs. These are objects that a few NMH students cherish enough to bring with them from home — things that calm them, make them happy, help them face the day.
We invited NMH’s student leaders to answer the question:
What’s your object? Here are some of their answers


Border walls, travel bans, family separations, never-ending political battles — the U.S. immigration system is broken, with millions of lives at stake.

Immigration Attorney Ashley LaRiccia ’05 doesn’t know how to fix it. 

But every day, she tries.

Disrupting With Purpose

NMH has a history of disrupting the status quo. It started 140 years ago with founder D.L. Moody. Brian Hargrove wants to know" "How are we going to disrupt with purpose as we think about the next 140 years?"

An Eye for What's Next

Whitney Museum curator Rujeko Hockley ’01 champions a new generation of contemporary artists.

Cyber/: Space :Law :Security :Threat

Attorney Deborah Housen–Couriel ’77 was a cybersecurity expert before the word “cybersecurity” ever existed. She explains what’s at stake today — for countries, corporations, and all of us.