Contact Athletics

Phone: 413-498-3466

Fax: 413-498-3368

Athletic Director: Kevin Klein

Assistant: Kristen Atkins

Sports Information Officer: Keri Ewell 413-498-3347

Assistant Director of Athletic Media: John Carroll 413-498-3295

Assistant Athletic Director: Rebecca Capinera 413-498-3508


Student Health Services: O'Connor Health Center 413-498-3407

Athletic Trainers: Wendy Young and Jesse Potter 413-498-3475

Outdoor Program:  Glenn Minshall, Director 413-498-3091

Equipment Room: Peter Stoneham 413-498-3495

Hockey Rink: 413-498-3419

Boathouse: 413-498-4538

Fitness Center: 413-498-3620

Pool: 413-498-3494

Northfield Mount Hermon
One Lamplighter Way
Mount Hermon, MA 01354
Phone: 413-498-3000