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Physical Education Programming

The physical education program at NMH is designed to provide students with the skills to have fun while developing fitness and wellness activities that will carry them through their lives.

The PE curriculum and requirements align more broadly with the school's athletic requirement. Each student must meet the athletic requirement by either completing two terms of a team sport, or — if they play only one team sport — they must complete a PE course and a cocurricular requirement during each of the other two terms. This balanced approach ensures that students are exposed to new fitness activities, have fun, and build fitness.

Physical education offerings* include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Flag football
  • Functional sport fitness
  • Intramural coed soccer
  • Intramural coed Ultimate
  • Introduction to swimming
  • Introduction to tennis
  • Multi-sport PE class
  • Swim conditioning
  • Winter running conditioning
  • Rec. skiing
  • Yoga

* Not every class is offered every term.

Physical education credit can also be earned through dance classes.