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Visual Arts

At Northfield Mount Hermon, our visual arts courses give you a dizzying choice of media and techniques, whether it's linoleum prints, digital images, pastel drawings, or three-dimensional assemblages.

Many courses have multiple levels. In fact, painting, drawing, and photography (both film and digital) go through advanced third levels, which include individualized projects that will build your portfolio. And NMH graduates have used their portfolios to get into such art and design schools as Tisch, Parsons, RISD, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

One of the truly special things about studying art at NMH is that you'll be surrounded by inspiring work from all disciplines. The frequent shows in the Gallery at the Rhodes Arts Center feature the work of nationally recognized artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg and Louise Bourgeois. So, if your class happens to be working on portraits or abstract sculpture, the work of some contemporary masters might be right outside your studio door.

In addition to being surrounded by great art, you'll be surrounded by great artists, the NMH art faculty, who maintain studio space in the Rhodes Arts Center. When they're not helping you with your work, they're making their own. You're all artists in the same community, sharing ideas and encouragement and celebrating one another's creativity.

If you want to see what that creative community can do, browse our gallery space or take a look at our literary-arts magazine, Mandala.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the visual arts section of the Curriculum Guide.