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Northfield Mount Hermon's Theater Program has a simple but lofty goal: to put on great shows and train great performers through a unique, two-pronged approach.

Our curricular courses in studio elements like acting, directing, playwriting, and theatrical design challenge our students to learn key tenets of these arenas and apply them in an active, engaged environment that creates a rich, diverse learning experience for novices and veterans alike.

Similarly, our cocurricular production season explores pieces from a wide variety of periods, styles, and worldviews. From classical and modern playwrights like Shakespeare and Sophocles, Samuel Beckett and Tom Stoppard, to contemporary drama and comedy from cutting edge playwrights like Jose Rivera and Sarah Ruhl, our production season empowers our students to engage as performing artists both on stage and off, and to consider the theater a place where we gather as a community: not only to be entertained, but to be challenged and to connect in discourse.

Many of our students go on to highly competitive conservatory and liberal arts programs, and to pursue careers in this challenging and rewarding field. The most important thing NMH Theater Program faculty have to share with you is their love of this art form and the importance of building a supportive creative community. We understand that the real satisfaction comes from ensemble work and being part of a team. Collaboration is the heart of theater, what makes it deeply exhilarating and truly great.

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For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the theater section of the Curriculum Guide.