Alumni Association Awards

Each year, at its annual meeting during Reunion Weekend in June, the Alumni Association presents awards to those who have made outstanding contributions of their time and talent to the school or to their community.

Award Descriptions

The Head’s Award was established in 2017 by Head of School Peter B. Fayroian. The award honors alumni, parents, or friends of Northfield Mount Hermon whose philanthropy has had a significant impact on the life of students, faculty, and staff, now and in the future of the school.

Alumni Citations are designed to honor alumni who have demonstrated continuous support and service to the school through a variety of activities (e.g. more than one cycle and many times over decades).

The Young Alumni Award is designed to honor a recent graduate and is given for outstanding loyalty and support of the school. It is the equivalent of the Alumni Citation for graduates who are not more than 15 years out of NMH.

The William H. Morrow Award was established in 1975 to honor non-alumni who, like Bill Morrow, have had a significant impact on the life and spirit of Northfield Mount Hermon. Faculty are mainly considered (and sometimes staff members) for outstanding service to NMH. Most recipients are multi-faceted individuals whose service has been in more than one area.

The Community Service Award was created in 1994 to honor alumni who have demonstrated the NMH ideal of service to others in a professional or volunteer role. The award carries with it a gift of $500 from the Harold A. Knapp Jr. Foundation to be donated to an organization of the recipient’s choice, in memory of Mr. Knapp’s special qualities of citizenship.

The Lamplighter Award is the highest honor given by the Alumni Association for service to the school. It is awarded to those who have gone way beyond the call of duty in their dedication to NMH.

The Distinguished Service Award, established in 1938, is given annually by the Alumni Association to an alumnus or alumna in recognition of outstanding achievement in his or her career and for the recipient’s demonstrated service to humanity.

2018 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Citation: Pamela Beam '68

Alumni Citation: David Hickernell '68

Alumni Citation: Amy Lyman '93

Alumni Citation: Carol Waaser '63

Alumni Citation: Peter Weis '78

Alumni Citation: Augustus "Gus" White '53

Josie Rigby Spirit Award: John Stone '58

Young Alumni Award: Lucien "Luke" Shulman '03

William H. Morrow Award: Margaret van Baaren

Community Service Award: Kelli King-Jackson '93

Community Service Award: Ellen Watson Payzant '58

Lamplighter Award: Willem "Will" Lange '53

Lamplighter Award: Beverly "Bev" Bolton Leyden '53

Distinguished Service Award: David Bennett Goldman '83

2017 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Citation: Roland "Roly" W. Coates '47

Alumni Citation: Joyce Judith Moore Arthur '57

Alumni Citation: Lloyd E. Mitchell '57

Alumni Citation: Richard "Dick" C. Linthicum '62

Alumni Citation: Donna Eaton Mahoney '67

Alumni Citation: William "Will" F. Melton '67

Josie Rigby Spirit Award: Kit Gattis '87

Young Alumni Award: Elizabeth "Liz" S. Donald '07

William H. Morrow Award: Cecile DeLa Cruz P'16

Community Service Award: A'Dorian Murray-Thomas '12

Community Service Award: J. Lucinda "Cindy" Kidder '62

Lamplighter Award: Alan "Al" Burnett '62

Lamplighter Award: Dorothy "Dorrie" Krakower Susser '56

Distinguished Service Award: Patricia Alice Watson Bartlett '67

Athletics Hall of Fame

NMH honors the alumni, coaches, and members of undefeated teams who demonstrated extraordinary athletic ability, sportsmanship, and leadership on campus, and who have continued to live up to those ideals after graduation.

Upcoming Alumni Events

Amy Domini '68

A socially-responsible investor before the world knew what that meant.