Alumni Profiles

William R. Rhodes '53

Respected worldwide, international banker leads by example. Read More

Amy Domini '68

A socially-responsible investor before the world knew what that meant. Read More

Valerie Jarrett '74

Obama's senior advisor spotted leader's potential 20 years ago. Read More

Brian Strait '06

Straight to the pros: NHL hockey scores NMH alum. Read More

Lorraine White '87

Youngest female chief to serve on US side of Mohawk Reservation. Read More

Anna Schuleit '93

Her art is genius. Read More

Viola Baskerville '69

Smashing glass ceilings as a Virginia legislator. Read More

Daniel Ross '90

"A Papaya Grows in Holyoke." Read More

S. Prestley Blake '34

Ice cream lover turned entrepreneur. Read More

Laura Linney '82

A star has risen. Read More

Diane Farrell '73

A school teacher's successful turn to politics. Read More

Kimmie Weeks '01

A young peacemaker among giants. Read More

David Rufful '08 and Josh Riddle '08

Rap what you know: young con duo puts views to rhyme. Read More