Why NMH?

NMH has everything you could want from a top college-prep high school: small classes, challenging courses, highly credentialed teachers, a wealth of opportunities — and a bucolic location where students can lead safe, healthy, balanced lives.

Our world is rapidly changing. You need a strong community where adults will support you, care for you, and keep you safe every step of the way even as they ask you to reach higher and work harder than you thought possible.

But when you walk out of your dorm at NMH and see rolling hills and open sky, you’ll feel grounded. At peace. And ready. If there’s such a thing as an “ideal” setting for education, our 1,353-acre campus, bordered by woods and the Connecticut River, comes close. At NMH, you’ll have room to think deeply, expand your world, and gain independence even as you’re surrounded by a team of teachers and mentors who will guide your unique journey. 

But as you’re building on your own talents, passions, and ambitions, you can also expect to be part of a community. You’ll be asked to pull your weight. And you’ll be surprised almost every day — by the ideas you encounter, the achievements you and your classmates share, and how much you exceed your own expectations.

It’s the people at NMH who make the difference.  There’s no mold here, no “ideal” of what you or anyone else should become. We help you discover your own strengths and find your own path in the world we share. We’ll help you become well-prepared, well-balanced, and well-grounded. 


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