Why NMH?

Small classes, challenging courses, highly credentialed teachers, and a wealth of opportunities.

You should expect those things from any good independent school. But you can expect more from NMH. Expect to be treated as an individual, with your own unique combination of talents, passions, and ambitions. Expect to be part of a community where you'll be asked to pull your weight. And expect to be surprised on an almost daily basis — by the ideas you encounter, the achievements you and your classmates share, and how much you exceed your own expectations.

It boils down to the people. The unique mix of students, faculty, and staff who make NMH interesting and exciting, but also genuine, relaxed, and supportive. It's common to hear NMH students say, "It's easy to be yourself here," or "I'm trying things I never thought I would try." There's no mold for you here, no "ideal" of what you should become. We help you discover your own strengths and your own path.

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If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at admission@nmhschool.org or call 413-498-3227.