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Well. Grounded.

Well. Grounded. It’s not just a slogan. It guides life at NMH every day.

NMH does more than provide an outstanding college-prep education. Our holistic programs also instill a sense of humility, humanity, and purposeful action in each student.

Becoming Well Grounded

Collaborative. Compassionate.

The “Well” in “Well. Grounded.” represents how we make students’ well-being a top priority. We keep them safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy.

Every single NMH program involves adults who guide each participating student. We call this the Partnership of 12. It starts with a student’s dorm-affiliated advisors and expands outward to include their teachers, coaches, and other faculty and staff members they’re connected with. Together, these mentors give each NMH student a formidable support network.

Holistic. Down to Earth.

The “Grounded” in “Well. Grounded.” emphasizes that we do more than simply provide excellent academic preparation for college. We instill a sense of humility, humanity, and purposeful action in students, rooting them in a foundation that helps them become generous, thoughtful citizens in a challenging world. 

Rigorous. Creative. 

We believe that good lives grow from strong roots. So we created an environment where creativity, character, and natural intellectual curiosity can flourish. We teach our students how to dig deep intellectually, in and out of the classroom. 

Supported by their Partnership of 12 mentor network, students reach further into subjects they already love. They explore new ideas and unfamiliar topics. Our courses, and our teachers, make sure each student stretches intellectually.

Independent. Individual.

NMH is down-to-earth, but it’s also a 24/7 kind of place where life outside the classroom is just as important as academics. Most of our students stay pretty busy, and they each find their own paths. With 65 interscholastic athletic teams, more than a dozen performing arts ensembles, musical and theater productions, a lively weekend-activities calendar, volunteer opportunities, and tons of student-run clubs — there is no shortage of stuff to do.

Set Up for Success 

As NMH graduates enter college and adulthood, they are well-adjusted and prepared to thrive. They respect themselves and others. They know the value of hard work. They understand what they can contribute to the world, and they do. Our balanced, intentional prep-school education creates the right foundation for purposeful, lifelong success.

A bird's eye view

Nhu Hoang

My philosophy is: Fail early, so you can eventually succeed.

Gretel Schatz, Director of the Dance program, instructs a dance student.

I want dance students to engage their own memory and intellect.

Mary Hefner

I love teaching AP Bio. The kids are highly motivated.


“The best thing about NMH is the connections you make.” 


“NMH challenges students to innovate and persevere while keeping in mind the effects of our actions on the community."


“This community gives me the resources to grow as a student and discover passions I never knew I had.” 


“I am confident in myself and my abilities to succeed, thanks to NMH.”


"I love the freedom I have to explore what I am passionate about."


"NMH gives us space to experiment and gradually to grow into ourselves."


"I noticed how welcoming everyone was when I first came to campus.”


“The first step to excelling at NMH is embracing your own individuality.” 


“I appreciate the bond faculty and students have at NMH.”


"The community at NMH is unlike any I’ve ever known, and for that I am grateful.”


"NMH allows me to be myself in the classroom and ensures I am an articulate, curious, and courageous student.”


“I was initially surprised by how relaxed, yet academic, the environment is."


"The curriculum here is hard, but it’s the right amount of hard."