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Live Online Admissions Events

With plenty of dynamic, live online programming, we can bring NMH right to you.

We recommend starting with an Open House. Then, check out a Class Visit Day or explore our series of workshops. Ready to take the next step? Schedule a live tour and your interview, to kickoff the application process.


Get to know us: event offerings

Open Houses

You'll meet teachers, coaches, and students. You'll learn about our College-Model Academic Program, the Partnership of 12 student-support program, and wide-ranging opportunities in athletics, the arts, and community service. This is a great place to start if you're just getting to know us. 

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Participate in one or more of our “Mastering the Application Process” sessions. 

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Class Visit Day

Attend two different classes during a virtual Class Visit Day. Afterwards, you can meet with the dean of faculty to discuss academics and have your questions answered. 

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Did you meet...?

See NMH faculty in action and learn more about them during our “Did You Meet . . . ?” sessions. 

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Dig Deeper: Tour and Interview


Explore our beautiful campus with a student ambassador on a virtual campus tour. Learn more.


Who you actually are matters more to us than how you appear on paper—which is why we require interviews. Schedule an interview with one of our admission counselors. Learn more.

Create your Parent Portal Account to schedule a tour and interview. Once your account is established, you will be able to sign up. If you already have an NMH Parent Portal account, you can sign in here. Please contact the admission office at 413-498-3227 if you need assistance.

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