Financing Options

The Northfield Mount Hermon experience enriches each student’s development.

As the cost is substantial, we provide financing options that can help make this opportunity affordable for your family. These plans can supplement need-based financial assistance or can provide primary funding sources for those families ineligible for financial aid.

Billing Schedule and Payment Options

NMH traditionally bills twice a year. The first 65 percent of a family’s portion of tuition, plus fees, less the enrollment deposit, is due July 15, 2019; the remaining 35 percent is due on Nov. 15, 2019. Bills are sent out electronically by mid-June. In addition to the regular billing schedule, NMH offers the option of making monthly payments on the balance owed. If you have questions, please call Joanne Graves (413-498-3268) or Angie Fletcher (413-498-3189) in the business office.

Nine-Month Payment Plan

The Smart Tuition pay plan divides the cost of tuition and mandatory fees into nine equal payments (June–February.) There is a non-refundable application fee of $50. Please enroll by April 24 at; use NMH school code 12540. Once enrolled, you will receive an email with your unique registration code, and your account will be submitted to NMH for review and activation. The full amount of your tuition responsibility will be updated by NMH. If you wish to budget a different amount, please inform business office staff at 413-498-3268 or 413-498-3189. Once your account is activated, you can access it online at If you have questions about the plan, please contact Smart Tuition at 888-868-8828.

Your Tuition Solution Education Loan

This loan plan offers an interest rate as low as 3.99 percent APR and up to 24.99 percent APR, based on the borrower’s credit history and the amount financed. The repayment terms are two to seven years. If you have questions, please contact Your Tuition Solution at 800-920-9777 or visit the company's website.