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Postgraduate Admission

A postgraduate year is an opportunity to achieve additional goals as you get ready for college 

There are a lot of reasons why you might decide to take a postgraduate year. You might be a serious athlete who wants to compete at a high level in college. Maybe you’re an international student interested in perfecting your English to attend an American college. Perhaps you were distracted for the first part of high school and need one more year to reach your potential. Or you’re not quite ready to enter college but don’t want to waste time or be bored. 

Whatever the reason, a postgraduate year can help you achieve goals you’d like to meet before starting college, giving you additional time to build your skills, expand your reach, and become more competitive in the college admission process

At NMH, our postgraduate program is thoughtfully designed. You’ll have the support of a dedicated postgraduate advisor and academic dean who will help you meet your academic, athletic, and creative goals while accessing NMH’s exceptional resources and opportunities. 

You’ll also benefit from our personalized approach to college counseling. You’ll immediately start to work with your college counselor on the intricacies of the application process and the journey to find a college that best suits you.

NMH offers postgraduates an intentional, empowering support system to help you integrate smoothly into the senior class. You’ll be part of an energetic and intellectually engaged community with a wide range of academic, cocurricular, and leadership opportunities. You’ll leave NMH more than ready for college, having honed your talents and developed friendships that might last a lifetime. 


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