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Need-based Scholarships

We’re committed to providing qualified students access to an NMH education.

We know that the cost of a private education is daunting for most families. At NMH, we offer need-based scholarships to allow qualified domestic and international students access to a high-quality, life-changing education. We are committed to meeting 100% of the demonstrated need of every admitted student.

Each year, we meticulously review thousands of applications to ensure that we select the most talented, highest-achieving students for admission. Those high standards are clearly reflected in the accomplished, highly motivated students who receive need-based scholarships. In fact, students who receive this assistance consistently lead in campus awards, accolades, and service. 

This year, more than one-third of NMH students received need-based scholarships, totaling more than $12 million. And we’re committed to growing that number. One of our founding principles was to make a quality education available to all students, whatever their background. It was important to us in 1879, and it’s important to us today, as we prioritize making historic investments to our aid program.


Deadlines to apply for
need-based scholarships:

  • New families: Feb. 1, 2023
  • Returning families: Dec. 1, 2022

Information about Need-based Scholarships

Scholarship Award Notification

Admission decisions will be released on March 10, 2023. Notifications about need-based scholarship awards will be available within 24 hours of admission decisions. 

Fees and Waivers 

Both School & Student Services and Clarity charge fees for filing aid applications. Requests for waivers can be made directly in your SSS or Clarity application. If you do not receive a waiver but feel you qualify, contact our office at or 413-498-3237.

Applicants for Aid Who Come from Multiple Households

All parents or guardians must submit income-verification and tax documents as part of their SSS application (for new families) or Clarity application (for returning families). An aid award cannot be made without information from/about all parents or guardians.

Aid for Returning Students

Students who received a need-based scholarship for their first year at NMH must submit a new Clarity application and tax return each year. Aid is typically renewed at the original level of funding if the same level of need is demonstrated. If your circumstances have changed, please discuss these with the director of financial aid.

Contact Us:

Marvin T. Garcia, Director of Financial Aid
Brooke Doleva, Financial Aid Assistant

phone: 413-498-3237

How to Apply for Need-based Scholarships