Greetings from the Dean of Enrollment

Portrait of Claude Anderson, dean of enrollmentAre you ready to launch your NMH Experience?

The capitalized “E” in “experience” is deliberate. Because the NMH Experience is a journey that starts with the admission process and, for a select few, continues throughout a student’s time here.

So let's begin. As a prospective student, you'll be matched with an admission counselor — no surprise there. What is surprising is the level of attention this advisor will offer you and your family. Our counselors are educational experts whose work is modeled after NMH's student-advising system, which focuses on the whole student. Our school motto is "education for the head, heart, and hand," and we take that seriously — we look beyond the surface throughout the admission process, providing care, challenge, and encouragement for each student considering NMH.

As you continue with your NMH Experience, I invite you to ask questions. Explore our website and plan a visit to our wonderful campus. Put us under the microscope and challenge us as we begin to challenge you. Discover why tens of thousands of NMH alumni love this school deeply and appreciate how it shaped their lives. How could it shape yours?

Claude Anderson, NMH Dean of Enrollment

Meet the admission office team