Advice from Experts

The process of selecting an independent school is a challenging one. Researching 20 to 30 schools, visiting the interesting ones, trying to imagine where you will be happiest (and most successful), and deciding where to enroll—it's all a bit daunting. That's why we're providing an insider's look at the process. Our experts offer advice on how to approach the school selection process, what questions to ask, and how to find your perfect match. Feel free to contact us for even more insights. We work with teenagers like you and families like yours every day—and we love what we do. Let us help you find the right match.

Steer the Interview Your Way with These 10 Tips.
Interviewing can make you feel nervous, but that's a good sign: It means you care about doing well. Your admission officer is there to put you at ease. Take a deep breath and enjoy the conversation. Read more from Dean of Enrollment Claude Anderson.
Choosing a Boarding School? Weigh These 5 Factors.
All boarding schools claim close student-faculty relationships and strong academic programs. To find a truly great match for a student, families should study what sets a school apart. Read more from Dean of Faculty Hugh Silbaugh.
Get the Big Picture: What Goes on Outside the Classroom?
Boarding schools offer a wide variety of cocurricular activities. Make sure you ask the hard questions and press for honest answers. Read more from Dean of Students Nicole Hager.