Who goes to NMH? Math prodigies. Track stars. Theater directors. Social entrepreneurs. People who come with a passion – and people who are ready to find one.


Down to earth. Up to your potential. That’s what you can expect at Northfield Mount Hermon.

Because this isn’t a cookie-cutter education; it’s about YOUR path — and creating the kinds of experiences that will help you become the best thinker, student, community member, and citizen of the world that you can be.


So is NMH the place for you to thrive? The best way to find out is to come and see for yourself.  


A well-grounded mix.

Come for a visit during one of our Open House or Class Visit Day events, and you'll start to see and feel all the reasons to choose Northfield Mount Hermon. You might wander down to our working farm, or peek into our turn-of-the-century chapel. Maybe you'll have lunch and a chat with somebody from a different country. Or you can talk to some of our amazing teachers, who seem so intense academically and so relaxed and easy-going personally.

To learn more about our open houses, please call the admission office at 413-498-3227 or click here.

You can request Information about NMH, and find out how to apply. You can also learn about financial aid.
And of course, if you have any questions, please contact us.