VOTES: Candidate Biographies


The 2016 Presidential Candidates

Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton
Born: 10/26/47 in Chicago, IL
Education: Maine South High School; Wellesley College (’69); Yale Law School (’73)
Career: U.S. senator; U.S. secretary of state
Vice President: Tim Kaine
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Green Party: Jill Stein
Born: 5/14/50 in Chicago, IL
Education: Highland Park High School; Harvard College (’73); Harvard Medical School (’79)
Career: physician; teacher; author; environmental-health advocate
Vice President: Ajamu Baraka
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Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson
Born: 1/1/53 in North Dakota
Education: Sandia High School; University of New Mexico (’75)
Career: businessman; governor of New Mexico (8 years)
Vice President: William Weld
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Republican Party: Donald Trump
Born: 6/14/46 in Queens, NY
Education: New York Military Academy; Wharton School of Business (’68)
Career: businessman; author
Vice President: Mike Pence
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