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Sophomore Program


In Brazil

Open to students in our Humanities II World History and World Religions and biology courses, NMH’s sophomore interdisciplinary travel program helps them connect what they’ve studied in the classroom with firsthand experiences with people and places in the cultures studied.

The destination varies from year to year. In 2024, the sophomore travel program will go to Brazil, where students will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on that nation’s complex forces of race, class, natural resource management, and urbanization. 

In this program, students will apply what they’ve learned in Humanities II to understand how the amalgamation of African, European, and Indigenous cultures and religions have shaped Brazil. And, in conjunction with the biology curriculum, they’ll study ecology and conservation in Brazil and, more broadly, across South America.

Students will spend two weeks traveling throughout Brazil, considering themes covered in the classroom in real-life settings.

Students will visit Praia do Forte, the site of marine ecology projects.

They'll travel to Salvador da Bahia, where they will learn more about Brazil’s African roots and the history of enslavement.

On the small island community of Itaparica, students will immerse themselves in the culture and connect with local students.

They'll also visit Rio de Janeiro, where they will consider the diversity of Brazil, focusing on race, class, and urban issues.