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Travel Programs

Some of the many exciting and enriching opportunities at NMH are nowhere near campus.

NMH travel programs offer you opportunities to engage with other countries and cultures in ways that you can’t on campus. The intercultural competence and life experiences you’ll gain will help you become an adaptable, flexible, and self-aware global citizen, ready to succeed at NMH and beyond. 

NMH travel programs are aligned with our mission and values of inclusivity, learning for life, and service. Cultural exchanges, academic opportunities, and service learning are integral to the experience. You’ll engage with the cultures and people as an active participant rather than a passive observer. Whether you stay with a host family in a language-immersion program or participate in service-learning projects, you’ll gain new perspectives on yourself, your own culture(s), and the world at large.

Our programs are designed around a variety of topics such as the arts, literature, history, religion, world languages, and environmental, socio-economic, and political issues. Some are interdisciplinary programs integrated into the academic curriculum, in which your travel experience will augment the on-campus courses you take that semester. Other programs happen when school is not in session and serve as enrichment to the on-campus experience. All programs include an academic component that will enhance your experience.

Program options vary from year to year and are dependent on enrollment and staffing. Limited travel scholarships are available, and we are committed to ensuring that these programs are accessible to all students through increases in financial aid.

Travel Programs


Model United Nations Programs

Harvard MUN Conference

Jan. 26-29, 2023 


Service-Learning Programs

Belize: Environmental Conservation, 2023

Language Immersion Programs

Peru: Spanish Immersion program, 2023