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Enrichment Programs

NMH student class outdoor with clipboards looking at something in bucket of water on patio

All students in on-campus  programs may choose from these additional classes, which are offered for an added fee. All offer 3- and 5-week options:

College Counseling 101: For grades 9–12. Wednesday, 12:30–2:30 pm
The road to and through high school is an exciting time. Yet there's always much to consider when it comes to applying to college your senior year, which can be stressful. To reduce the stress associated with the college process, join members of the College Counseling Office at NMH this summer. Through lectures, activities, in-class assignments, and field trips, we'll get you ready for what awaits you!

Make!: Wednesday, 12:30–2:30 pm, and Saturday, 8:30–10 am
Make! meets in the Guild Fabrication Lab in NMH’s Gilder Center, a dynamic learning laboratory that supports each student’s curiosity and puts their imagination to work. Students work on hands-on projects that are scaffolded to provide entry points for all levels of knowledge and skills. Interdisciplinary instruction guides individual progress while also emphasizing a collaborative atmosphere, where brainstorming and discussion help everyone to succeed.  Our “high-tech to no-tech” approach incorporates a wide range of materials and tools, allowing us to meet students where they are as they grow in competency and confidence. Students share all aspects of their creative process, with each “failure” embraced as a necessary, valuable step on the road to achievement. Projects include drawing, woodworking, small-motors robotics, digital design work using at Glowforge laser cutter, and 3-D modeling and printing. 

Leadership, Education, Adventure, and Discovery (LEAD) Program: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday,1–5 pm. This program takes the place of an afternoon minor and sports.

Open to all grades, LEAD offers on- and off-campus activities including canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting, wildlife tracking/observations, and wilderness first aid, along with goal setting, personal reflection, and leadership training. One day a week, NMH partners with Earthwork Programs for outdoor classes that immerse students in nature with hands-on wilderness survival skills — shelter building, edible plant foraging, fire-making, stone tool making, and wood carving  — that build confidence, leadership, and resilience. There is an additional charge for LEAD of $650 (for three-week students) or $995 (for five-week students).

Boy in shelter in the woods
Smiling student leading group of students on hike

This summer was a profound, transformative experience for our child. It was a whole new world for her. She was happy. She made lots of friends from all over the world. And her 'can-do' feeling about herself skyrocketed.

SAT/SSAT Test Prep: Get strategic! This course, taught by Summit Educational Group instructors, focuses on the academic skills and test-taking techniques you need to succeed on the SAT. You’ll get support and guidance based on your individual needs to maximize your scoring potential.

Online only (although on-campus day and boarding students may attend). Offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Afternoon Period 1, 1–2:30 pm

SAT Prep Math and English: Five-week program, meets four days a week 

SAT Prep Math and English: Three-week program, meets four days a week

Afternoon Period 2, 3–4:30 pm

SAT Prep Math and English: Five-week program, meets four days a week SAT Prep Math: Five-week program, meets Monday and Thursday

SAT Prep English: Five-week program, meets Tuesday and Friday SAT Prep Math and English: Three-week program, meets four days a week


SAT Prep Math and English: Five-week program, meets Saturday and Sunday, 8–9:30 am

SSAT Prep: Three-week program, meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8–9:30 pm ET.