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College Prep

For students entering grades 10–12

Five-week program: July 1– Aug. 5, 2023

Three-week program: July 1–22, 2023

It’s all about focus. 

In the College Prep program, you’ll choose one subject and dig into it, in small classes, with inspiring teachers and motivated peers. And you’ll make real progress — in fact, we think you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish. Some courses even cover a full academic year of content, offering opportunities for you to earn credit and prepare to move to the next level.

Full-credit courses meet each morning, Monday through Saturday and first half of the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. All other courses meet each morning Monday through Friday. In the afternoon, you’ll choose from a variety of minor courses, sports or the LEAD Outdoor Leadership program. See the complete schedule.

Extensive student activities programming is available for all on-campus students on Wednesday afternoons and weekends.

Personal development workshops, where you’ll focus on developing skills, social awareness, a sense of community, and self confidence, are offered on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


College Prep Program Offerings

Morning Major Courses
8:30–11:30 am, plus 1–2:30 pm for credit courses 

Five-week session courses
All eligible for credit, unless stated otherwise. 

  • Academic Writing

  • Algebra I* +

  • Algebra II* +

  • Bioethics*        

  • Biology*

  • Calculus*

  • Chemistry*

  • Creative Writing

  • Economics*  

  • Geometry*+

  • Global Ethics and Climate Change*

  • Intro to College Writing*

  • Precalculus*+      

  • Psychology*

  • Social Justice and Power: Exploring Literature and Oppression*

  • Statistics*

  • U.S. History*

  • World Religions & Contemporary Issues* 

* credit course  
+ also available online (Virtual Math Academy, ESOL and Journalism)

Three-week session courses.
Not eligible for credit.

  • Academic Writing

  • Discrete Math with Python

  • Journalism (online or on campus)

  • Understanding Your Mind: Neuroscience & Cognition

Minor Courses
Afternoon Period 1 (1-2:30 pm)

  • Ceramics

  • Community Service

  • Digital Photography

  • Drama                 

  • Drawing & Painting

  • Public Speaking  

  • Renewable Energy

  • SAT Preparation 

  • Summer Session Singers

Afternoon Period 2 (3-4:30 pm)

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • Dance                 

  • Fitness & Strength Training              

  • Hiking          

  • Running                     

  • Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Tennis                

  • Ultimate            

  • Volleyball

  • Yoga

Alternatives to sports:

  • Astronomy (class includes both College Prep and Rising Scholar students)

  • Robotics (class includes both College Prep and Rising Scholar students)      

  • SAT Preparation (see Enrichment Programs)

Note: Students may choose to take two minors instead of a minor and a sport. 

College Counseling 101  (Wednesday, 12:30–2:30 pm)
The road to and through high school is an exciting time. Yet there's always much to consider when it comes to applying to college your senior year, which can be stressful. To reduce the stress associated with the college process, join members of the College Counseling Office at NMH this summer. Through lectures, activities, in-class assignments, and field trips, we'll get you ready for what awaits you!

Make! meets in the Guild Fabrication Lab in NMH’s Gilder Center, a dynamic learning laboratory that supports each student’s curiosity and puts their imagination to work. Students work on hands-on projects that are scaffolded to provide entry points for all levels of knowledge and skills. Interdisciplinary instruction guides individual progress while also emphasizing a collaborative atmosphere, where brainstorming and discussion help everyone to succeed.  Our “high-tech to no-tech” approach incorporates a wide range of materials and tools, allowing us to meet students where they are as they grow in competency and confidence. Students share all aspects of their creative process, with each “failure” embraced as a necessary, valuable step on the road to achievement. Projects include drawing, woodworking, small-motors robotics, digital design work using at Glowforge laser cutter, and 3-D modeling and printing. 

LEAD Outdoor Leadership Program
Alternatively, you may opt to take the Leadership, Education, Adventure & Discovery (LEAD) outdoor leadership program in place of the afternoon minor course and sports. Open to all grades, LEAD takes place every day from 1 to 5 pm. On- and off-campus activities include canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting, wildlife tracking/observations, and wilderness first aid, along with goal setting, personal reflection, and leadership training. One day a week, NMH partners with Earthwork Programs for outdoor classes that immerse students in nature with hands-on wilderness survival skills — shelter building, edible plant foraging, fire-making, stone tool making, and wood carving  — that build confidence, leadership, and resilience. 

There is an additional charge for LEAD of $650 (for three-week students) or $995 (for five-week students).



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“My child was absolutely blown away by the campus, learning lots and having tons of fun. His self-confidence has grown tremendously, and I look forward to seeing it blossom even more moving forward.”