NMH Journal of the Humanities

The school is pleased to present the first edition of the NMH Journal for the Humanities . Within this online edition, you will find the scholarship of three NMH faculty members. Former faculty member Erik Chaput has composed an article on the Rhode Island politician Thomas Dorr, also the subject of his recently published book. After some exceptional primary research in the NMH archives, Sean Foley has authored an article on the experiences of four of Mount Hermon’s African students from the turn of the 20th century. Lastly, Janae Peters has examined the place and value of slave narratives as literary texts.

NMH Review

The students of Northfield Mount Hermon prove time and again the value of a liberal arts education in training literate and effective communicators. They read critically, think logically, and argue persuasively, consistently producing outstanding analytic and argumentative essays. We founded the Northfield Mount Hermon Review to showcase the very best academic writing produced by our students and to celebrate the life of the mind at NMH.

First edition , 2014
Second edition , 2015

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