NMH Lab Program

Remote Learning

Because of COVID-19, we’ve become more flexible and nimble as educators.

The NMH Lab Program is our remote learning initiative developed specifically for students who are unable to be on campus. It brings NMH's close-knit, supportive environment to students no matter where they are. The opportunity to dive into project-based academics; to pursue excellence while being cared for by wise, dynamic adults; to connect with peers who share similar high hopes and ambitions — those NMH hallmarks are all part of the Lab Program. 

“We are delivering as full an NMH experience as possible. We are delivering a community.” 
—Grant Gonzalez, NMH Lab Program director

We’ve made innovative adjustments so students can transition seamlessly from a remote academic experience — the Lab Program — to an on-campus experience, or vice versa, during any term throughout the school year. 

“Remote learning helped me stay connected to the NMH community and continue fostering relationships. And my teachers showed great versatility.” 
—Zach ’20


Deeper learning, deeper connections:

  • The NMH Lab Program employs a project-based curriculum, which creates a distinctive learning experience. Lab students are guided by teachers, and also have opportunities to collaborate with peers. See the program schedule here.

  • Our College Model Academic Program allows greater scholarly focus and enhances connections among students and teachers.

  • Students work at their own pace to develop skills and master content.

  • Students engage in activities that build community culture and social-emotional learning, such as sports, arts, affinity groups, and cocurricular classes. 

  • Advisors meet students where they are, establish partnerships with parents, and represent the network of adults that support and guide students through the Lab experience. It's part of our signature Partnership of 12 Program.

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See here for a letter from Grant Gonzalez, NMH Lab program director and assistant dean of faculty. You can contact Grant with your questions regarding the Lab Program:

AP Literature students annotated a poem together on Zoom last spring.