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World Languages

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The goal of the world languages program is to help our students develop strong language skills in all areas.

We want our students to be able to communicate in the target language; to use the language to discuss, read, and write about current events and a wide array of meaningful and relevant topics. Our classes are engaging, highly interactive, and student-centered. Students also explore the social patterns, value systems, traditions, and cultures of the people whose language they are learning. In our classrooms, culture comes alive with the use of various media literacies.

At all levels, the target language is used extensively in the classroom. Oral proficiency is developed through the use of various communicative activities. Reading is done not only for content and meaning, but also as a basis for oral discussion and writing. Our courses incorporate hands-on tasks and project-based approaches to enhance language acquisition in the modern era. Students are motivated to acquire more knowledge of the language in group- and self-guided projects.

Study through the advanced level is offered in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish. Advanced courses further develop linguistic skills while also focusing on the culture and literature of the countries where the language is spoken. Within the French and Spanish programs, there are also service-learning opportunities. In the fourth level of these programs, students have the opportunity to teach French and Spanish to local elementary school students once a week throughout each semester. Arabic is offered as an online course.

In addition to choosing from world languages offerings at NMH, students can participate in language-travel programs to China, Uruguay, and France. These programs are led by NMH teachers.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the Curriculum Guide.

Nhu Hoang

My philosophy is: Fail early, so you can eventually succeed.

Gretel Schatz, Director of the Dance program, instructs a dance student.

I want dance students to engage their own memory and intellect.

Mary Hefner

I love teaching AP Bio. The kids are highly motivated.


“The best thing about NMH is the connections you make.” 


“NMH challenges students to innovate and persevere while keeping in mind the effects of our actions on the community."


“This community gives me the resources to grow as a student and discover passions I never knew I had.” 


“I am confident in myself and my abilities to succeed, thanks to NMH.”


"I love the freedom I have to explore what I am passionate about."


"NMH gives us space to experiment and gradually to grow into ourselves."


"I noticed how welcoming everyone was when I first came to campus.”


“The first step to excelling at NMH is embracing your own individuality.” 


“I appreciate the bond faculty and students have at NMH.”


"The community at NMH is unlike any I’ve ever known, and for that I am grateful.”


"NMH allows me to be myself in the classroom and ensures I am an articulate, curious, and courageous student.”


“I was initially surprised by how relaxed, yet academic, the environment is."


"The curriculum here is hard, but it’s the right amount of hard."