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World Languages

Your passport to immersion in new cultures and ways of communicating.

In NMH’s world languages department, you won't just learn to communicate in a new language — you'll also immerse yourself in its culture, history, traditions, and values.

You’ll use your new language extensively in the classroom from the start and have the opportunity to study through the advanced level in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish. 

Through service-learning opportunities in our French and Spanish programs, students travel to a local elementary school every week to teach the languages to  younger students. You can also participate in immersive language travel programs led by NMH teachers.

Our language classes are engaging, highly interactive, and student-centered. You’ll read classic texts and contemporary articles. You’ll discuss current events and write about a wide array of meaningful and relevant topics. 

Our hands-on, project-based approach will help you become more proficient in speaking, reading, and writing. In group and self-guided projects, you’ll use print, video, and digital resources to hone your communication skills.