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Visual Arts Curriculum

Our kaleidoscopic visual arts courses will spark your imagination.

At Northfield Mount Hermon, our visual arts courses cover a wide range of media and techniques, from linoleum prints and digital design to pastel drawings and three-dimensional works.

At NMH, you'll be surrounded by inspiring work from all disciplines. Frequent shows in the Gallery at the Rhodes Arts Center feature the work of nationally recognized artists, such as Robert Rauschenberg and Louise Bourgeois. Whether your class is working on portraits or abstract sculpture, the work of contemporary masters might be right outside your studio door.

Our teachers are working artists — when they're not helping you with your work, they're making their own in studios in the Rhodes Arts Center. You’ll find that you’ve joined a community where artists share ideas, encouragement, and celebrate creativity.

Visual arts courses are offered at multiple levels. We offer painting, drawing, and photography (both film and digital) through advanced levels, as well as individualized opportunities to build a portfolio of your work that could be used for applying to art and design schools.

The Rhodes Arts Center houses studios for ceramics, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, and digital photography and video, along with a traditional photography darkroom. Check out some of what our creative community has produced by browsing our gallery space or leafing through our literary and arts magazine, Mandala.