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We believe in putting first things first: Scientific study begins with energy, matter, and motion. 

Our science department is based in the Gilder Center, which opened in 2021 and was intentionally designed to encourage a Silicon Valley-like learning environment. Along with its classrooms and labs, the Gilder Center is filled with spaces that foster creativity and collaboration. There is even an innovation space — the Fab Lab — the perfect spot for imagining, designing, and fabricating projects.

Science instruction at NMH is deeply rooted in learning by doing. NMH's farm offers opportunities for all kinds of experimentation and observation. You can deepen your understanding of biology through working with animals, or design a project involving compost. In an environmental science class, you might study the green and sustainable elements of the Gilder Center. Our observatory, equipped with three telescopes and electronic imaging cameras, lets you explore the universe — NMH students have even discovered and cataloged asteroids.