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Physical Education Curriculum

In our physical education program, you’ll learn skills and develop healthy habits for the rest of your life — and have a lot of fun.

At NMH, we believe in the value of physical activity as part of a healthy life. That’s why we have an athletic requirement for every student. You might complete your athletic requirement by participating in two terms of a team sport. Or, if you play only one team sport, you’ll participate in a cocurricular activity and take a physical education course during each of the other two terms.

PE course options vary by the term and include:

  • Fitness classes

  • Flag football

  • Functional sport fitness

  • Intramural coed soccer

  • Intramural coed Ultimate

  • Introduction to swimming

  • Introduction to tennis

  • Multi-sport PE class

  • Swim conditioning

  • Winter running conditioning

  • Recreational skiing

  • Yoga

In addition, certain dance classes offer physical education credit.