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Performing Arts

Dance team holding periodic table sign at show boarding school near boston


Northfield Mount Hermon's mission is an "education for the head, heart, and hand."

But perhaps we should add the eyes, feet, and vocal cords to that list, because for us, the arts help make us fully realized human beings.

They teach us new ways to see and think about the world and allow us to communicate with our fellow human beings in ways that transcend — and sometimes critique — language, history, religion, and politics.

Art courses at NMH will nurture your appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of expressive media while developing your own creative skills, deepening your confidence in your talent. Whether it's learning about sight reading in music, movement in dance, or lighting and set design in theater, when you leave NMH, you'll have the skill set to make art the rest of your life.

You'll learn the vocabulary of the performing arts and how to discuss and critique it articulately. You'll also learn the importance of crossing boundaries, collaborating with artists from other disciplines, and even incorporating ideas from science or economics into the way you think about art. Perhaps you'll become one of our many alumni who have gone on to careers in theater, music, or dance. But we're certain you'll become one of the thousands who've developed a lifelong passion for making — or just simply loving and supporting — art.

Come to campus and explore our beautiful Rhodes Arts Center's facilities. You'll see just how serious we are about art and how much we celebrate it.

For more information, and to see course descriptions, see the Curriculum Guide.